Songs & Recording

What songs can we record?

You can do any song! We provide song lists to help too.

How many songs can we record?

We recommend recording between 8 and 15 songs.

Do you provide backing tracks?

Yes, we provide backing tracks to all songs on our list. If you’re choosing other songs you can either use your own backing tracks or request them from us and we’ll do our best to source them for you.

How long are you on site at our school?

We prepare to be on site from 08:30 until 15:00 but more often than not we are finished much earlier. Occasionally, we are wrapped up before lunch!

How long does it take to record each song?

Assuming that each group are recording one song, allocate 15 minutes per song. If each group are recording more than one song, just add 5 minutes per song. Example: Year 1 are recording one song and Year 2 are recording three songs. Allocate 15 minutes for Year 1 and 25 Minutes for Year 2. The most time consuming part of day is manoeuvring the pupils in and out of the room we are recording in.

We use our school hall for lunch. Are you able to pack down and set back up again?

Certainly. No problem.

Our school hall is unavailable, can we record in a classroom?

Absolutely & without compromising on quality! We will replicate the acoustics of a hall in post production.

Do we need to record the songs in the order that we want the album to run in?

Nope, we can record the songs in the order that is most convenient for your school.

Can we re-record the song if something goes wrong?

Yes, we can always go for another take if something doesn’t go to plan. Although experience has taught us that the first take is often where the magic is as this is when the children are most engaged.

Can we use a piano instead of a backing track?

Absolutely! We believe this to be an effective way to create a truly unique school album.

Our children sing more confidently to the original song rather than the backing track, can we record with vocal still in?

Yep. We can then swap the track out for the backing track in post production, ensuring your student’s remain centre-stage!

Can we record a staff song?

Absolutely! We can squeeze one in either at lunch or at the end of the day.


How much should we sell our album for?

While it’s entirely your decision, we recommend selling your album for £10.

How do we take orders?

The first thing to do after booking your day with us is to set the album up for pre-order through Parent Pay or a similar service. Be sure to allow at least 7 days after your recording session before you stop taking orders. This is because more orders to come through as your students take home their glossy certificates and tell their families all about their newly discovered talent!

How can we generate interest?

Included in your Welcome Pack is an expertly crafted template letter to send out to families and friends of the school. The more awareness we create, the more funds we’ll be able to raise your school.


Where are you based and what areas do you cover?

We are based in Leeds and travel nationwide. 

Is it really free?

Yep, the experience is absolutely free. We generate our profit from the albums purchased by the school. The school can then sell the albums on for profit and better yet, we’ll help you begin taking pre-orders straight away to get an idea of how many you will sell.

How do we access our files?

Book now for instant access to our Download Centre where you’ll find everything you need!

What is a Songbook?

A Songbook is a beautifully printed 4 page booklet containing a unique code to redeem one download and unlimited streaming of the album. They are the perfect memento for your students and their families to remember their day, featuring the track-list, student artwork, puzzles and more! Click here to view an example.

Are you DBS certified?

Every member of our team is DBS checked and will bring certification with them.

Are there any copyright concerns?

Nope, we’ve got you! To cover use of the songs selected, we obtain an AP2 license through MCPS (The Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society).

How do we download the album?

Each copy of the album is redeemed through a unique code, unlocking a one time download and unlimited streaming. The code is presented in a beautiful Songbook, featuring the track-list, student artwork, puzzles and more! Our Songbooks are the perfect memento for your students to remember their time at school forever.

How does the artwork competition work?

We provide you with an artwork template to print and handout to your students. They can create their own designs with the winning design featured on the cover of the Songbook. However, everyone is a champion after a day with us and each child will take home a glossy certificate!

What is the turn around time?

We will deliver your Songbooks direct to your school within 5 – 10 working days after the recording day.

How do we book?

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