How Schools Can Use Music to Change the Lives (and Learning Habits) of Their Students

We have a short test for you. Just quickly run through the alphabet in your head. How did you do it? If you’re anything like us, then you sang it as a little song. This is the power of music in education. It sticks with us. In the modern world, it’s often overlooked. But, if music is used correctly, then it goes from something that’s a fun subject on the school curriculum to a vital part of a child’s education that will change the way they learn. 

Music has been used to educate people since 500BC in ancient Greece. The famous philosopher, Plato, believed that music was a basic element of education and that children should learn music to prepare for life. Although the roots of musical education are ancient, music is no less effective in teachings children today than it was 1000 years ago, and in this article, we’re going to show you how. 

Music Improves Cognitive Abilities 

A study conducted by the New York Academy of Science showed that music improves the cognitive abilities of children who studied it. In simple terms, an improved cognitive ability means increased focus, better memory and improved problem-solving, amongst other things. An improved focus also means better results in class, and ultimately, higher grades.

Also, there are very few people who don’t enjoy music. Sure, we all have different tastes, but almost everyone loves at least one genre. When we enjoy something, then we’re more likely to want to study it, or at least be engaged when we’re taught it. Mixing other lessons with music, whether that’s humming a tune to the 8 times table or creating a catchy jingle to remember something in science class, will help your students to remember the things they are being taught.

Music Teaches Inclusion

Unlike sports, music isn’t competitive. When students come together in a band or orchestra, they’re working as a team to create something beautiful. This team can be a mixture of boys and girls. It can be a group of people who all have different heritages or mixed abilities. When children pick up an instrument, they’re all on the same side working together to create the same thing. Now that’s how you create inclusion!

Music is also a universal language. We might not understand Spanish, but we’d know if someone played a Spanish song! You can teach students music from across the world, helping them to better understand cultures and even find a love for them. 

Music Improves Creativity

When we’re making music, we’re creating something. Teaching children to be creative has more benefits than them being able to play Wonder Wall on the guitar. Later in life, it will help them to creatively solve problems at work. It might also lead them down different creative avenues, like writing or painting. Music really will echo throughout your student’s life.

So, the next time your students are stuck on a difficult maths question or they’re struggling with their homework, then it might just be music that gives them the solution, even if that solution is a catchy beat that helps them remember the answer.

Music Increases Your School Funds

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re passionate about music. We’re also passionate about helping schools and children to use music to succeed. For children, that’s success in life. For schools, that’s success by raising additional funds that they can reinvest in their student’s education.

We work with you to create a day for your students where we create music together. We’ll provide the backing track, and your students will produce the vocals. After this, we’ll mix and master the sounds in our professional studio before processing it as a digital album which can be sold by your school to the student’s families. This benefits you by generating more income, and it benefits your students by giving them a fun day (and a passion for music) that they’ll never forget.

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