Three Easy Ways to Raise Money for Your School

We have all heard the term “knowledge is power”. Maybe this is something you tell your students to inspire them to start doing the homework you set. However, as much as knowledge powers the brain, it doesn’t power your school. You need funds and donations to do that.

But with so many people tightening their wallets due to the economic crisis, how can you encourage parents to donate? How can you raise money so that you can send your students on more memorable trips and pay for better resources?

We have a few solutions for you. Some creative ideas that will raise more money for your school whilst inspiring your students at the same time. 

Teach a New Skill

Parents always want to support their kids. They also want to show them off to friends and family members, demonstrating their talent and how much they’re like their mother/father. A great example of this is when a child learns a new skill. Family members automatically want to support them, and they want to help that child to continue using that skill throughout their life.

For example, let’s say that you taught a class full of students how to play the guitar. In the eyes of your student’s parents, they would be the best guitar player in the world! Teaching your students new skills like this and organising events where parents can watch their child perform is an excellent way of raising funds. 

In our experience, talent shows are one of the most creative ways to draw a crowd of family members and friends who are willing to buy tickets or donate to the school. It also doesn’t discriminate against children who might not be talented in a particular area, like sports or gymnastics.

A talent show gives every student their own time to shine. A less sporty kid might wow the audience with a magic act, and a kid who isn’t as talented at gymnastics might bring the audience into fits of laughter with a comedy sketch. Organising shows like this are a great way of understanding your pupils’ talents and teaching them new skills in the process. Imagine how excited parents will be to see their child showcase a new ability for the first time.

Create The Next Rolling Stones

All great musicians start somewhere, so why not make that somewhere your school? Another way of bringing classes together is to create bands. Now, these don’t have to be bands that are radio worthy. Even simpler groups, like samba bands, bring students together and achieve the same result.

When you have a school band, no matter how small or simple it is, you can start putting them forward for local galas and events. Not only does this give your students an experience they’ll never forget – and teach them a new skill in the process – but it also raises your school’s profile, and therefore helps you to raise funds at the same time.

An Idea That Raised £3K For One School

At We Are Heard, we create memories with music. It is an idea that has raised thousands for schools across the country and even raised one school £3K in just under two weeks. 

In short, we work with your students to create music CDs where they are the vocalists. This can involve them singing anything from rock and roll classics to religious hymns. The CDs are professionally mixed and mastered before being sold to the student’s family members, which raises money to invest in your school.

Discover more about our services here or speak with us directly by clicking here. We’d love a chat and are happy to share even more creative ideas with you that will financially benefit your school.

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